Microsoft Professional Program for IT Support

Learners who are interested in a career in IT, but have yet to receive formal IT training, will learn the skills for the role of a front-line Help Desk or Tier 1 IT Support Professional. This curriculum will give you a broad range of skills to support many different technology areas.

8 - 16

Track detail

Each course runs for three months and starts at the beginning of a quarter. January—March, April—June, July—September, and October —December. The capstone runs for four weeks at the beginning of each quarter: January, April, July, October. For exact dates for the current course run, please refer to the course detail page on

* Courses can be taken during any course run and in any order. When multiple course options are listed for a skill, only one must be completed to satisfy the requirements for graduation.

  • IT Support: Fundamentals

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn the core priorities and key responsibilities of the IT Support role. The course then examines what influences customer behavior when dealing with IT Support, including global cultural differences and communication styles. The course concludes with an introduction to the basic stages of case management, from initial receipt of a support call through solution development and closure.

  • IT Support: Communication

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn an appreciation for the communication skills that a successful support agent needs. The course reviews effective communication strategies that will help you develop a rapport with your customer. You then examine ways to connect with your customer through phone, email, chat, and social media, including a demonstration of empathy and communicating at the customer’s level of expertise. Finally, you examine how to deal with challenging customers and how to defuse a customer’s anger.

  • IT Support: Troubleshooting

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn an in-depth knowledge of the steps involved in troubleshooting a customer issue throughout its life cycle. Expand your skills to become a more efficient and effective troubleshooter including training on tips and tricks on developing analytical solutions, troubleshooting best practices, how to manage customer expectations and handle customer objections to proposed solutions regardless of product.

  • IT Support: Documentation

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn importance of maintaining complete, detailed, and accurate documentation and when and how to apply that knowledge. This course follows up on the IT Support Troubleshooting course by delving deeper into the case management process and identifying the key issues that need to be documented throughout the evolution of a case. You will learn the reasons why documentation is so critical in the field of IT Support, the different types of questions to ask, and why it is so crucial to capture all viewpoints within case documentation, from the support agent, to the customer, and to any other internal resource who may get involved.

  • IT Support: Hardware Essentials

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn the basic understanding of the different types of computing devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), computer components (CPU, memory, power supplies, etc.) as well as peripheral devices, storage devices, displays and connection interfaces. This course includes in introduction to basic hardware troubleshooting skills.

  • IT Support: Networking Essentials

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn basic core networking concepts to learners that are new to IT Support. The course starts with explaining the purpose of networking and how networks are laid out in homes, offices, between offices and around the world with the Internet. Finally, the course goes into details of troubleshooting common networking issues. The detailed topics in this course includes understanding network topologies, understanding physical networking, understanding network protocols and troubleshooting common network issues.

  • Windows Support Essentials: Installation

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn how to support the installation tasks associated with Windows 10. You will develop skills that include learning how to install and customize Windows 10 operating systems and applications, configure web browsers and OneDrive. You will also learn about upgrading and migrating to Windows 10.

  • Windows Support Essentials: Configuration

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn how to support the configuration tasks associated with Windows 10. You will develop skills that include managing storage, files, and printers as well as how to configure network connectivity for Windows 10. You will also learn how to manage authorization and authentication of users.

  • Windows Support Essentials: Maintenance

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn how to support the maintenance tasks associated with Windows 10. You will develop skills that include learning how to manage network and device security. You will also learn about backup and recovery as well as how to optimize performance of Windows 10.

  • IT Support: Troubleshooting Windows

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn the essential skills for troubleshooting basic issues that can happen with Microsoft Windows and how to find the issues and fix them. In this course we assembled the top issues people can encounter when using Microsoft Windows. We discuss the symptoms, what tools you will use to identify the issues and how to fix the issues on your Windows PC. These include troubleshooting Windows installation problems, troubleshooting Windows web browser problems, troubleshooting application installation issues, troubleshooting Windows Authentication problems, clean malware infected devices.

  • Microsoft Office Fundamentals: Outlook, Word, and Excel

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn basic Word, Excel, and Outlook skills including how to create and manage documents, organize information in tables, perform calculations on data, create graphs and charts, organize your email Inbox, and manage email automatically.

  • IT Support: Cloud Fundamentals

    Provided by Microsoft

    Learn the basics of core cloud concepts and a historical perspective of how IT evolved to needing cloud solutions. The detailed topics include building a case for the cloud, understanding cloud types, understanding the cloud services and security, introduction to Microsoft Azure, introduction to Microsoft Office 365.

  • Microsoft Professional Capstone : IT Support

    Provided by Microsoft

    Validate the skills and knowledge you have learned by taking the IT Support Microsoft Professional Program. The Capstone project will provide you with a series of tasks based activities around the core subject areas that validate the skills you have developed. The tasks will cover Role, Technical and Productivity skills.

Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in IT Support

Be able to handle all the problems that they will throw at you

Each course in the Microsoft Professional Program IT Support features hands-on labs so you can practice with the most sought after skills. Assessments that require more than just memorization ensure that you have mastered these new skills allowing you to help others.

Learn on your own time

All courses are available online and on demand – so whether you plan to spend a couple of hours per day or a couple of hours per week, you can work on these skills at the pace that is right for you. And since the curriculum consists of massive open online courses (MOOC) on edX, you can watch the videos on your tablet or phone.

Frequently asked questions

Question What is the Microsoft Professional Program?


The Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) is a collection of courses that teach skills in several core technology tracks that help you excel in the industry's newest job roles.

These courses are created and taught by experts and feature quizzes, hands-on labs, and engaging communities. For each track you complete, you earn a certificate of completion from Microsoft proving that you mastered those skills.

Question Why should I consider participating?

The Microsoft Professional Program provides real-world skills and hands-on instruction that keeps pace with the technology industry. These courses can be rigorous but rewarding, with the flexibility to master skills at your own pace, and a robust capstone project that demonstrates your knowledge. Not to mention you get the important credentials employers want.

Question Can I get college credit?


Yes – if you have completed one (or more) of the following MPP tracks, you may be eligible to receive college credit through Excelsior College, a regionally accredited institution.

The National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) has established credit recommendations for specific MPP tracks.

To request credit: 1. Complete the application (select ‘Download the application here’ from the Transcripts section of the NCCRS page) and email or FAX it to Excelsior College, according to the application instructions. Do NOT send the application or email to Microsoft. 2. Obtain a link to your official MPP certificate and email it to Excelsior College using the following steps: a. Sign in on your MPP dashboard
b. Copy and paste the MPP track certificate URL to share a link to your official certificate
c. Paste the URL in an email with 2 forms of identification (name and current address or name and date of birth) and send to

For more information, visit: NCCRS college credit for Microsoft.